for non-commercial use

Includes most of the Some Techie Media Player's features but with a small watermark.


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$99   $69Until May 31

for 1 website

Remove the watermark and get personal email support. Includes all of the features in the free version.


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Pro x10

$299   $199Until May 31

for up to 10 websites

Includes all of the features of the Pro version for more websites.


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$999   $399Until May 31

Valid for all websites you own, control, or develop

Includes everything from the Pro versions plus a standards-based JavaScript API.


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Paid subscriptions include:

  • 1 year of updates.
  • 1 year of personal email support.
  • Use of the product even after your subscription expires.

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You can continue to use the media player even after your subscription expires. To continue to receive updates and support, just renew your subscription. Renew at least 30 days before your subscription expires to receive 30% off the then current subscription price. If you forget to renew 30 days early, you can still get 15% off by renewing 15 days in advance.

Discounted Upgrades

Discounted upgrades are also available. If you've already purchased the Pro version, an upgrade to the Ultimate version is only $330. Plus, when you upgrade, you new subscription will be valid for 1 year from the date you upgrade.